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I'd use stock dual-plane over Weiand single-plane (for street motor)

From: Daven Anderson
Email: 1961fury<at>
Remote Name:
Date: September 18, 2003


The Weiand is a single-plane early '60's tooling design. They chose single-plane to lower its height, which is ironic considering that most single-plane manifolds for V8's today are HIGHER than the typical dual-plane manifolds! Then again, today's single plane manifolds are 'high-riser' to maximize their power advantage at high rpm's (and high rpm use is why you'd install one instead of a dual-plane manifold!). A low-rise single plane is worse in theory than the Weiand actually is, BUT I would say dyno the engine with the stock 4-bbl. and then the Weiand and see for yourself. The stocker would have the most improvement in low-end torque and part-throttle response vs. the Weiand, with reasonable 'street profile' camshafts. My 440 with a 284/.528" solid cam idles smoothly at 800 rpm and works very well with the Edelbrock TM-7 DUAL-plane manifold. Any cam grind to about 270 with a 318 poly would work better with the stock dual-plane (I'd say), and the Weiand isn't high-rise enough to take the best advantage of say a 284 .528" Nielsen cam or higher. The real best piece for a poly doesn't exist, it would be close to the stock manifold cast in aluminum, which in the B-engine world is what the Mopar Performance M-1 manifold is!


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