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URGENT HELP PLEASE - I'm going out of my mind!

From: tim
Remote Name:
Date: September 18, 2003


Since taking my plymouth to the mechanic to get a roadworthy, service the transmission and engine. The transmission has only got worse. Here is the problem. The powerflite transmission did slip a bit in reverse since I purchased the car. 1st was strong Drive did slip a bit. The mechanic advised that a rebuild would be required within 12mnths. "The reverse slipping will get worse with time." While getting repairs the front and rear seals in the trans where replaced. I told him just to do that, couldn't afford the rebuild just yet. The pan gasket was replaced and filled with new transmission oil. BUT now the revere doesn't even engage, only slightly. I have to get out a push to go backwards. Since the transmission has been removed could the cable be out of adjustment or has my 12mnths ran out already in 1 mth by the way 1st and drive engage real strong. Also the engine and transmission was warm Not cold thats for sure. I was hoping just to drive and nurse the old girl for a few weekends before having to pull it apart and spend anymore money right now! Any advice, experience or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Tim


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