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Re: radiator service/replacement/recore

From: Lee Lopes
Remote Name:
Date: September 18, 2003


Hi Hank, Thanks once again! I thought that the modern recore might be the way to go. I also have factory a/c for the car and I was worried about the overheating potential too. BTW I'm waiting for new lifters to show up in the mail, so I can put my engine together!! I found a 4bbl cam from Freman's Auto in Montana, and installed it. Now I can use the 4bbl intake and carb for the car with the 4bbl air cleaner and the trans cooler too. I sat down the other day and figured out that it took 3 years to find all of the pieces to make it a 4BBL engine!! Go figure! Did you have any luck on the T conv rebuild? Was the Jasper co able to help you out? I still cannot believe that CVC turned you away! Good Luck Hank, and Thanks again! Lee


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