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Re: what tranny can i use later model 383

From: Jeffc
Remote Name:
Date: September 18, 2003


If you can find one, a A727B(big block) trany from a pickup made from 62 to 64 will have the same setup that came with your car (it will be alum), that being pushbutton with parking brake on the rear of trany. The problem with this is there are darn few B A727's around as they just didn't put many big blocks in trucks back then. The A727A (small block) trany easyer to find, not much though in the trucks. Any cable shift trany for a car (also A727B) from 62 to 65 will also work (you will need to make sure the valve body is correct for the push button shifter, 65 is differant but still cable shift and can work with a valve body change) and as you said you will need to deal with the lever for park and having no parking brake. This cable shift trany was also used in trucks from 65 till 68 with a dash mounted lever shifter; however the car tranys are more avalable (as with the 65 car trany, you will need to change the valve body to the push button one).


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