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radiator service - Related follow-up question:

From: Dave L.
Email: davel at
Remote Name:
Date: September 19, 2003


On my '60 Windsor (383 2-bbl w/AC) the radiator was one of the few things completely missing from the car when I got it. (So at this point, I don't have anything to re-core.) I, too, am O.K. with sacrificing the stock look for better function and reliability. So I'm wondering if it would be best to find an original radiator (I found a wrecking yard with one) or is there a manufacturer who makes a drop-in replacement for our cars that doesn't require modifying the radiator brace or hoses & lines? I haven't been abe to find one yet, except maybe the Be-Cool radiators that seem to pop up on ebay and I don't know much about those and how they fit. (Wasn't going to ask this yet since it low on my time-line and priority list - but since the topic came up...)


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