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Deadbeat Bidders Yanking my Chain on Ebay!!! *grumble*

From: Jessica Hendricks
Remote Name:
Date: September 20, 2003


Ok, well i WAS all excited because my 61 dodge phoenix that i had posted on ebay sold for $500 bucks. Apparently now that i've tried to email the bidder several times, i keep getting each email back saying that the address is not valid or the account does not exist (AOL). I emailed customer support for Ebay and they are doing an investigation on this individual which would take like 1-2 days according to them... if they do find that the information is fraud or invalid, they will suspend the account. I guess from there i'll have to submit a non-paying bidder complaint and request to have a transaction fee credit. Well, now i still have this car.. Anybody interested? I can email you pictures and give you more detailed information. The car would make a great parts car or for those of you with brass buns, a challenging restoration. Feel free to email me about any or all questions. ~Jessica Hendricks


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