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Re: I agree! Let it go to some one who needs a total boat!

From: Kenny J.
Email: kjosephson<at>
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Date: September 20, 2003


To be fair, '57-'60 wasn't a stellar time for Chrysler Corporation quality, either. :-) Mechanically, our Forward Lookers were wonderful, but body integrity was another matter. I see no problem with stock piling a few FUTURE project cars if you have the room to tuck them away without upsetting the neighbors, pying storage fees, etc. But is the extra gas the Skylark burns expensive enough to justify the time & money to put this '69 on the road immediately? I have made the mistake of getting frustrating with one project car I was working on, then giving in to the temptation to start on another one. I found myself disillusioned with TWO partially disassembled cars. I have a disassembled '59 Impala sitting in the garage that I started on in 1994, yet I'm currently going full bore on my '59 Plymouth two door Suburban. I also have three parts cars I have no intention of restoring, but I have to eventually deal with parting them out. Even with a 318, that Fury III won't burn any less fuel than your '72 Skylark. Plus how good are the brakes, suspension, exhaust, etc.? If you want it as a future project, then get it. But concentrate on your studies and stay committed to finishing your '58 as time and money permits. But who am I to give advice on this matter? I just bough an engine-less '68 Imperial from a fellow in Oregon! :-)


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