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Re: Deadbeat Bidders Yanking my Chain on Ebay!!! *grumble*

From: alumcan
Email: alumcan TandT
Remote Name:
Date: September 20, 2003


Hey Hot Pants! That is exactly the way I was finally able to get this Hearse! Deadbeat bidder. I had the highest bid, $4,100 something or other at one minute thirty seconds. Then the last 15 seconds, I got sniped bidded! Almost two months later, even after I had got sniped bidded on several other Hearses on E-bay. I got a letter from the seller, since I was second highest bidder, if I was SILL interisted in buying the Hearse? Turned out, right after the auction was over, the high bidder changed his ID, and like your bidder, totaly vanished! He said that E-bay made him wait 30 days to see if the high bidder would show up. After we looked at the coach (6 1/2 hour drive) I offered $3,800 and he took it. He said, (like you) he was needing the money from the scale of that Hearse then, not TWO months later! Seems E-bay ought to come up with a way to totaly eliminate that kind of feces! But I guess not. It's going on three years ago we got the Hearse. So I guess E-bay either don't give a feces, or they don't know how, and are in it for the allmighty $, and screw the little guy!


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