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Re: Cashiers cheques scams. Don't let greed get you!

From: panic
Remote Name:
Date: September 21, 2003


Let me warn all about another variant. Buyer wants the car, offers to pay by cashier's check. You see the check, has all the right stamps, seals, etc. on it. You call the bank, and they confirm the number and amount - the check is good. You take it, and release the car. You just got beat. When he got the check, he duplicated it with Photoshop, etc. You have the fake. He went straight from your house to the bank, and surrendered the real one and got his money back. What do we learn from this? When someone shows you a check, tell him "let's go cash it". When he gives his excuse (I'm late, my mom is sick), call the police.


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