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Re: front door panel removal?

From: Mike B
Remote Name:
Date: September 21, 2003


The approved method is as follows: get a gorilla bar and begin at the radiator cap. After carefuly prying the cap off, very carefully position your actual Forward Look MoPar under it and reinstall in reverse process of removal.Carefully insert the cap and turn clockwise, after tehe removal; or your door panel will be intuitive and natural.And Deaner, I am so glad that at least one Ford man has an appreciation for ANY Mopar product. It speaks volumes to your ability to appreciate style, engineering, and quality. We all have to make a living. As my father expeienced somewhere back in 1957 or 58, on the only new Ford he ever owned, Fords make good Bon Fires. From that time forward, I have always had MoPars.


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