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Ultimate Frankensteins

From: Kenny J.
Email: kjosephson<at>
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Date: September 21, 2003


We've discussed the pros and cons of using non-Mopar components in our Forward Lookers. We've joked about improving old Camaros with first generation Hemis. But the following takes the cake. I just got off the phone with a fellow Mopar enthusiast who lives in Oregon. He told me one of his hardcore Mopar buddies stuffed a 440 and all Mopar drive train into a red mid '60s GMC short bed pick up truck. Why he did it, I don't know. But I'd sure love to see the reaction of the Bowtie crowd after they drool over this fine looking truck, then hear that distinctive reduction gear starter and then the ummistakable RB exhaust rumble! During the late '70s-early '80s, there was a heavily modified AMC Gremlin running around Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a 426 Hemi. The owner called it "Lil' Nash Rambler." If I remember this correctly, he eventually sold the car to a guy with a 440 6-Pack Challenger R/T convertible. The guy used the Gremlin's Hemi in his Challenger to create a Hemi Challenger clone. Then he installed a standard performance 440 into the Gremlin and resold it. I have no idea what eventually happened to the Gremlin or the Challenger.


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