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301 to 350 conversion

From: Jason Davis
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Date: September 22, 2003


Hi there, I need some good advice here ... I would like to put a 350 Commmando ( w/ 2X4s) in my '57 Belvedere. The car currently has a 301, Powerflite, and Factory Air ... I imagine that I would have to make new brackets for the A/C and Generator, but I'm not sure. Are the motor mounts the same? Is it possible to use my Powerflite Transmission or do I need to change it out for a Torque Flight? Anything else I need to know? The 350 I have located is out of a '58 Plymouth wagon ... It needs a rebuild, but it's complete (does have wrong manifolds though) and it turns free. Are rebuild kits available? Any suggestions on how I should build it would be great as well. Thanks to all :)


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