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I'll have a '58 Coronet....with the works

From: Joe Mac
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Date: September 22, 2003


A couple of weeks back, a post about originality generated quite a bit of response. Here's a classic example of Mopar hodgepodge. I was at the Southbury, CT car show yesterday and a gleaming '58 Dodge 2dhtp caught my eye. A first pass around the car was very impressive, D500, spring special trim, skirts, fresh red/white paint and interior, rechromed everything, twin aerials, nice workmanship. I found the owner rummaging in the naugahyde lined trunk (even the spare tire and fuel tube were covered, oh well). The conversation went something like this...."Beautiful car.....Thanks, it's all done up....Is it a spring special car?.....A what?....A spring special, I see its got some spring special trim.....They called this a Fireswept.....What's that?.....A Fireswept, that's what they called this car back in the day....Oh, okay". I knew that further questions were futile. I walked back to the front of the car and ran into another Forward Looker I know who was also wondering about the pedigree of this car. We decided to do our own investigation and discovered that; the car was never a D500, not with a 325 2bbl and powerglide, the spring special trim was probably added since the paint code MMM indicates a solid color car and certainly not the Christine colors it was wearing. In fact we found more incorrect than correct. Did we let the owner know that? Hell no, he was proud of his car. Why break his chops or embarass him. This car was either his dream of what a '58 Dodge should be, or he bought it this way. Either way, this car was drawing as much attention as the whole row of '55-'57 T-birds across the aisle. I found that gratifying. The car was for sale, asking $23,500. Probably less than the value of the resto. The only thing that bothered me was, what were prospective buyers being told about the car? Bottom line; if you're building one, do it your way. If you're buying one, do your homework.


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