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From: chuck lowe
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Date: September 22, 2003


this is what i fabricated---looking at carb from passenger side---i used the back to bolts of the carb to a mount bracket of about 3/16 plate steel---started with a piece about 7x7 in.fashioned it to look something a backward L---but not with a square inside corner---with a curve---to keep it from vibrating the back edge toward the firewall-about 2 in. wide was bent down to meet top of manifold at a right angle---from there i refabricated old coil bracket to set flat on top of new piece---drilled 5/16 holes to mate pieces---sand blasted parts---put them under no sand primer---in a little while they will be ready to paint---there was no dought i could fabricate a piece of some sort i just could have used the time to work on other parts---i would like to thank all for their input---by the way---where can i get adapter for stock 4 manifold---sometime i may want to try it too---later---chuck lowe


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