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Re: 350 Commando non-existo?

From: Bill in SD
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Date: September 23, 2003


When it come to rebuilding an engine plan on spending at least $2000. I rebuilt my 58 Plymouth 318 and have over $3500 invested so far. Now $350 was to have the valve covers chromed. Then there was $800 for a rebuild parts kit. Add $900 for the machine shop costs. And another $125 for a dual quad manifold. I plan on spending another $600 to have the manifld chromed. And hat's not to mention anthing abouth carbs or ignition. I had the radiator rebuilt and that cost $400. A one wire chrome 100 amp alterntor was a good $100. The transmission would have cost over $800 to have someone else go through it but it onlt cost me about $150 to do my self. For carbs I wil have to spend at least $800 for mild basic ones. If you have a bowtie you can buy a new engine cheaper than it is to rebuild one.


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