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Re: I'll have a '58 Coronet.... SANDRIFT BEIGE

From: Joe Mac
Remote Name:
Date: September 23, 2003


The interior was redone in a non-original vinyl pattern in a red and white that matched the body colors. It was hard to tell if anything was legitimate on this car because it had been so thoroughly customized. The spring trim items I could identify were the grille lancer crest, the fin-tailight inserts, the special side sweep stainless, but no license plate surround. It had some other odd things like heater controls under the dash but a heater delete plate under the hood, gold DODGE letters on the hood, and the D500 badge was on the right (wrong) side of the trunk. My overall impression was that this was a nice collection of trim parts from various donors, all hung on one car. Front and rear bumper spuds, exhaust deflectors, twin aerials, skirts and lancer wheelcovers rounded out the package. Almost every peice you could add. The overall effect was impressive if incorrect. About the only thing that looked really original was the 325 2bbl and drivetrain.


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