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water pumps

From: chuck lowe
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Date: September 24, 2003


wellllll---when i repainted my 318 poly engine the second time(from hemmi orange to mid 60's red)---the water pump had a few paint sags(engine paint from por-15)---a subject i won't get into---so i decided to change pump rather than strip for second repaint---here is where the fun started---out of the 6 water pumps i have i chose one-put it on engine and repainted---WRONG CHOICE !---the larger water fitting gave me fits---it's a newer replacement pump with a larger fitting---stock is a 3/4in. fitting---the pump i chose has a 1in.fitting---one of the old junk pumps i have has a 3/4 fitting with a 1 in.adapter---ok now we are on a roll---WRONG---1 in. adapter won't screw into pump---it has standard 1 in. pipe threads---so i got a 2 1/2 long pipe nipple and tried it---went in one thread---so whats the problem---went to kennedy hardware here in wheeling---bought two adapters and barrowed a 1 in. tap---went back home tried new adapter---no go---so i proceded to clean threads---rough going---pipe threads are a tapered fit and if they are not tapped deep enough parts won't fit together---i had to take tap in until it bottomed out on inside water pump---removed tap-tried new fittings (perfect fit)---evidently this pump was never tapped properly---it was an ebay pump---i guessing it was a pump that was a return that sat on a shelf until some one found it and put it up for auction---there is no way it could have been used the way it was tapped---who would have guessed this pump would have to be retapped---has anyone else ever encountered this problem---it has to be one in a million---and guess who got it---later---chuck lowe


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