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strange noises from Transmission or ?? What do you think?

From: tim
Remote Name:
Date: September 24, 2003


Still more problems with the powerflite in my plymouth. After replacing the outer seals and servicing transmission for now (putting off a rebuild ) I have noticed a whinning coming from I think the Transmission. It starts getting noticable at 50mph. but only when you just ease off or ease on the gas. But Not when you are completely off or on the gas hard. But even weirder is while rolling along at approx 50mph put in neutral and rev the engine its there also. But at a stand still revving its not there! When not reving rolling along its not there! What could it be? Any guesses? It sounds like a corse diff whine but it seams be coming from under my feet But It couldn't be the diff if it appears with engine speed ( in neutral reving the engine ) I think I better but in up on blocks and save more money. It can't be good! tim


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