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Re: I'll have a '58 Coronet.... SANDRIFT BEIGE

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: September 25, 2003


Wow; like-2-have-SEEN it (or, mebbe NOT!). The (D500) emblem on the wrong/right side indicates that the trunk (& maybe the car itself; 325 2-bbls appeared in/on both 57's & 58's) came offa 1957 car; the heater-delete plates, on the firewall, are the most interesting features, as 'only' southern cars didn't have heaters, and whoever saw a 'northern' car, with a 'bad' heater/blower, that required replacement, but INSTEAD, the owner installed BLOCK-OFF plates!---but WHY, then, "install" an interior heater-control, in a "heater-delete" car!!?? This car was either a 57 with a 58 front clip, or a 58, with a 57 trunk. Anybody recall what kind of windshield, it had? AND, no photos, of this creation? Howabout its lance-and-shield fin-emblems? A lot of times 1, or BOTH, will be installed backwards! In that regard, anyone else recall seeing Exner's "portrait", where his torso is seen, leaning over a 57 Dodge Lancer fin? The "shield" emblem is installed backwards!!--it MAY have been the only one available, at that time, as the 2 sides are different 'mirror' images of each other. Neil Vedder


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