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TOOLS ! =don't have one=make one

From: chuck lowe
Email: sprocketbuster
Remote Name:
Date: September 25, 2003


from the day i tore my engine down i figured there has to be a better way to get dist. drive shaft out---i came up with a simple solution---i mounted a 14lb.pull magnet on a screw driver shaft after i removed the tip and drilled magnet on drillpress---as a fastener i used J-B weld---after it set up i tried it on my engine---i couldn't be easier---you just lower tool down through dist. hole to top of shaft-as you pull up turn easy and it is out(if shaft is clean)---as a carpenter i have had this magnet for yrs. in my hand box for setting steel door jams---now i will have to get another one---it only takes about five minutes to make and you don't have to locate some exotic tool---cost-junk screw driver 0-magnet about $12.00-jb weld about $5.00---hope i helped---later---chuck lowe


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