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1959 Air suspension

From: Bernie B.
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Date: September 25, 2003


Does anyone here have a '59 MoPar with air suspension? I don't have one or want one, just curious and would like more info, especially photos. Have the factory manuals for Plymouth and Chyrsler but they are generic, not real photos of installation. There's one common photo of Bob Rodger looking over a 300E engine with the "True-Level" suspension compressor in plain view, and the other well known photo is with Hot Rod Magazine's test of the '59 Plymouth. I'm most interested in seeing a setup combined with air conditioning compressor, must be quite a maze for the day, especially on a 300E. I saw just one factory installation in person about 35 years ago, in a Dodge station wagon, both engine compartment and underside view the next day when my local junkyard flipped the car over to remove the transmission for me. Thanks for any leads. Bernie


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