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From: chuck lowe
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Date: September 25, 2003


life is good---even though i am not going to start my engine for a while today i brought it up to preasure---it's carrying 52lbs.on a cordless drill---now for the best news of the day---fed ex made a delivery to me today and i just have share the news---a few months ago i visited a for sale site which contained a three year old add---never thinking the parts were still available but hoping---i got in touch with the person in the add and asked if the parts were still available---he said yes but for an insane price and quoted that price(of which i am not going to share)---a price that i thought was more than fair and far less than i expected---i asked if he would hold them for me for a while and he said he would hold them for several months---i now have in my possession a set of vintage 318 POLY-EDELBROCK FINNED ALUMINUM VALVE COVERS---they are absolutely beautiful---they have a few small small dings and need polishing but they are great---i had goose bumps for an hour and couldn't waite for my sweetheart to come home to show her---life is better than good it is excellent---later---chuck lowe


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