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From: Kevin Pochron
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Date: September 26, 2003


Hey Everyone, Word on the street is that NBC is planning on doing a new 2 part miniseries of the movie CHRISTINE. It is tied up in a legal dispute with the original producer Richard Kobritz at the moment and no one has been cast for it yet. I would like to start a letter writing campaign to NBC not to impede production of the remake, but to make them aware of how rare these old MoPar’s are and that they should use 3D computer models for the crash and bash scenes of the new remake. I am sharing a copy of a letter that I wrote to them and if people want to pass on what they want to say to NBC about these old Plymouth’s and this remake, you can either send them to me and I’ll pass it on to them along with my letter or you can write to the address that I give at the end of this letter. Please people as MoPar lover’s we have to convince them to use 3D Computer models and not real 58 Plymouth’s!!! Here is my letter: Dear NBC Viewer Relations, My name is Kevin J. Pochron, I’m 30 years old and I am writing this letter to express my concerns for a future project that NBC is going to be involved with at a later date. I had heard some rumors through various trade magazines that NBC is going to be producing a television remake of Stephen King’s CHRISTINE. I was delighted to hear this, but horridly concerned at the same time with some fears that more 58 Plymouths will be senselessly destroyed in the making of this new version. I truly think that this is Stephen King’s best horror story that he has ever wrote, but In John Carpenter’s original film in 1983, a little over two dozen 58’s were systematically destroyed for the making of that film and it’s often painful to watch sometimes because of that fact. As a member of the Plymouth Owners Club, a CHRISTINE enthusiast and my advice to NBC is, when making this new remake is to use today’s touchingly such as 3D computer graphic, 3D animation and some computer 3D generated models for the smash and crash scenes of the car. This way, no real 58 Plymouth’s will be destroyed in the making of this new mini-series. If the producer of this project use real 1958 Plymouth’s, it will be a devastating blow to the already now scares late 50’s MoPar community around the USA and perhaps around the world. If NBC can afford to pay each of the cast members of “Friends” one million and episode, then for God sakes spend some on 3D models for the new CHRISTINE miniseries. Please consider my suggestions Thank you… Sincerely, Kevin J. Pochron Send letter to Direct to: Viewer Relations * 30 Rockefeller Plaza * New York, NY 10112


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