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anohter point of view..just my 2 cents

From: Bill in SD
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Date: September 27, 2003


I can see both sides of is that I agree, it would be sad to destroy more rare 58 Plymouths. Yet on the other had the fewer that there are of anything the more valuable the remaining items are. The poor old 58 Plymouth is a forgotten icon of the late 50's that only a few (most of us here at the FwdLk) still embrace. One thing is for sure. Either way the remake will undoubtedly bring new light on these great cars and get everyone wanting a Christine of their very own. I still have some people recognize my car as a Christine but not many. Hopefully the remake will help the 58 get the same respect as 57 chevys, 49 mercs, 32 fords get at all the car shows. In the end I will have to hope that CGI is used for the crash smash scene. Hopefully NBC will think the same way. Even though a 58 Plymouth is not as valuable as say a 57 chevy, it's been 20 years since the last movie and finding, fixing, painting lots of cars won't be cheap. It would probable be cheaper to do it with CGI.


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