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Re: anohter point of view..just my 10 cents and keep the change

From: chuck lowe
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Date: September 28, 2003


i totally agree with canman---i was going to stay out of this one but i can't---it is not my nature---those mechanics- body men AND WOMEN-special effects people in hollywood can take a junk yard dog and cosmetically turn it into a show class car---there was a tv series on back in the 70s---can't remember the name or who was in it---the name of the car was COYOTE---they used a maclaren eagle style race car---@$180,000---they tore this car up every episode---do you think they used the real deal---NOoooo---for the crash and jump scenes they used a stand in---sometimes when it was jumped you could see the under carriage---it was a VW.with a fiber glass body---tv movies are notoriously low budget---for that reason the christine tv movie will probably stink and be nothing like the original---they never are---i don't think they will start with a bunch of cherries and turn them into rotten lemons but vice-versa---and here is another kicker---what about all the people on this site offering usable free parts or low cost parts to make room in their garage or basement and if no one wants them it's stated they are going to the dump---do you guys get up their rectum---do you have any idea what computer generated special effects cost---THE GNP FOR SOME THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES---you got to break some eggs to make an omlet-whether they are grade A or small---also before any one brings up my WEIAND 7503 going to dumpster-it never was-i was only stating my displeasure with it---all rebuttals welcome---later---chuck lowe


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