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Re: anohter point of view..just my 10 cents, with 8 cents change

From: Jessica Hendricks
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Date: September 28, 2003


I dont have a 58 plymouth, but i know how insanely expensive parts are for these beauties. Can you imagine, if the movie does premiere and another interest is taken into these cars how much parts are going to be!? They might so much as double what they are now. Can ya'll afford that? I know where there is a 57 Belvedere 2 dr HT christine clone (red and white factory colors)car is.. trashed.. sitting in a junkyard. I removed the bumper wings from it. I'll sell it to the movie company and let them work their wonders if it means this car will get one more opportunity to hit the road instead of hitting the crusher. There aren't any useable parts on the car. You'd more than likely have to fabricate something out of fiberglass to fit. ~Jessica Hendricks


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