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Re: suspension and exhaust....

From: Lars
Email: huh?
Remote Name:
Date: September 28, 2003


Check good ole JC Whitney to see if they have duals. and since MANY of the upper end mopars had duals, even the Dealer? IMHO no contest between glaspacks and TUrbo. Turbo is a glorified tin can, you will benefit from its heat in the winter, heating the floorboards. ANd cuss it in summer.... Have 36 inch long glasspacks which are housed in a SEAMLESS shell on my 277 power pack 56. It is mellow, throaty, and typical street rod type of sound. Shortys get raspier. Mine have been on 11 yrs and R still original and function fine. Got em from Brockman Mufflers in Indiana. They and their Mellowtone mufflers have been around since the 50's, were kool then, are Kool now.


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