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Re: high Oil level in transmission - powerflite may be a problem!

From: Hank Dozier
Email: dozierhc <at>
Remote Name:
Date: September 28, 2003


You should always check fluid level on these old vehicles when in park on level ground and after the engine is warmed up. If the fluid level shows correct, then this is OK. Most likely you have the torque converter leaking down while sitting and engine off. Although this is not an ideal situation, it does not hurt unless you start and try and drive away immediately after the start. Give the oil pumps in the P-Flite about 10 seconds to purge the air from the converter, and all will be fine. Most likely you have a small air leak allowing the converter to drain. In your eventual rebuild you should be able to address this, through cleaning of the valve body on the Powerflite. I would suspect that a check valve is not fully sealing to swarf (debris) or possible old varnish on the seat. The not having reverse is more of an issue, as you claimed to have it before the trans was worked on by that fellow. I still think that cable adjustment can cure this to some extent, and maybe a band adjustment will correct the slipping.


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