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Re: tail lights for a stepside truck

From: Jeffc
Remote Name:
Date: September 29, 2003


Dario, the front lenses on your truck are clear glass lenses that use a chromed ring to hold them, very hard to find these glass lenses and big $ when you do if the person selling them knows what they have. The later front lenses (61 to 67) will fit the screw holes, but are not right for your truck, email me, I can help you with the later front lenses if you want them. Rear lenses will depend on if it's a swept side or step side bed...... swept side beds used lenses like some of the forward look wing cars ( 2 or 3? lenses in the wing on each side) the step side beds use ether a 3 hole or 2 hole flat lens and often could not be seen from the other side since they fit close to inline with the tail gate.


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