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Re: suspension and exhaust....

From: john
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Date: September 29, 2003


I am not 100% positive this will work on forward look cars but it works like a charm on my Dodge Chargers... use a blunt end punch and drive it into the upper control arm bushing from the will collapse the metal so in effect it makes the sleeve diameter smaller...the ones I did this way only took a few hits and literally fell far as mufflers...I used Walker Turbo Tubes, Walker sold that design to Thrush...they have since been discontinued but if you can find a Walker dealer or Thrush dealer they may have a few still on the shelf...if you cannot find them, check on yahoo search for "Chambered mufflers" I honestly get more compliments on how my Chargers sound than how they look...the mufflers look like a glass pack that has been crimped about every four inches...they sound awesome...real deep and powerfull...the law has never said anything to me.hope this helps....another thing that will give you a little better sound and helps the flow is to have a H pipe installed...Hope this helps


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