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Re: lower control arm shaft

From: Dave
Remote Name:
Date: September 29, 2003


Chuck- that is a strange problem. I looked at my Imperial and Plymouth and there doesnt seem to be a way that the castle nut could drop below the hole. No need to take it apart since the washer and nut are on the outside. Thicker washer or deeper castle nut would be the answer. As long as the tapers (pin vs. receiver) are correct and it pulls in, your ok. The thing that has always puzzled ME is the fact that the washer is compressed against the center bushing race not the step on the pin, hence it does not pivot well. I would think the bushing should be free floating on the pin. There is a good cross section of the pin in the manual, and speaking of that, there are ALOT of TYPOS in all Chrysler factory manuals so BECAREFULL. P.S. I also press the lower bushing in without the pin and then use a thin wall 27mm socket to get at the inner nut. This puts no strain on the rubber when installing it since I am using the outer shell, not the inner like the book mentions.


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