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Re: Fryer's Auto Upholstery

From: chuck lowe
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Date: September 30, 2003


yes i have done business with fryers---in my opinion i didn't get what i paid for---they say i did---when i contacted them they quoted me a price-a little on the high side---i was to get nos exact material---i had to send them my old upholstery as a pattern---when i got them back the color was great but the bottom panel that wraps around the bench front seat and rear seat was of a lesser grade than stock---they told me it was the same---at this point i'm getting pissed !!---they said it was the same material but with out the heavier backing---DA---i was going to have them make my head liner and redo my sun visers---they sent me a splotch of material---wrong color and wrong weave---thus no more dealing with fryers---SMS-------i had them do my visors-totaly beautiful---my head liner the same---all i had to do is tell them what year-make and give them the trim code---they sent splotches of all interior materials---exact matches---i have heard pros and cons about both-fryers and sms---if i need more work done you can bet the state of west virginia i'm going with SMS---a little about the sun visers---the old stock material was card board---i wanted vinyl---the old nylon pin that connects to receiver on center of roof above windshield they didn't know if they could get so i made one of stainless---will now last forever---looks like chrome---from the phone conversation-i got exactly what i asked for-vinyl that matched my upholstery---when i got them back i was impressed !!!!---both fryers and sms have great workmamship---but with SMS i got exactly what i needed---hope i helped---later---chuck lowe


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