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Re: 59 Desoto 361 2 BL convert to 4 Bl off 383, okay to do??

From: alumcan
Remote Name:
Date: September 30, 2003


Hey Stevie! Before I'd start removing your 2 bbl intake and feces. You had better measure the width of both intakes!!!! As "Chucky Wuckey" sez, he'd bet this whole state, crooked politicans and all, that those intakes are differnt widths! The 361 is a B block. 350, 361, 383, and the old 400 lead crank. That "Golden Lion 383" in the '59 Windsor is an odd ball RB block. Long stoke and old suff can size (Honda 90) pistons. The RB blocks will all have a longer stroke, higher deck, or wider intake than your shorter stroke 361. The RB's are that GLion 383, 413, 426 wedge, and the 440. Nope, intakes look the same, even side by side, but bleieve me they're differnt widths. Now, since I have only 5 remaining brane sells, there are smarter people on the site that can rattle off by heart both measurments for you.


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