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56 DeSoto Fireflite Spark Advance Curve

From: Steve in KY
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Date: September 30, 2003


I'm messing with my '56 Fireflite Sportsman today. I set the timing to 4 BTDC as the book says. I goose it and the advance goes off the scale. I get around 40 BTDC max advance. (which I checked with my variable advance timing light) Wow, my guess is that is way too much. The book is rather vague in what the max advance should be and what the curve should be. Does someone out there have an old Sun book or distributor tester? (Just another item I should have taken when it was offered to me!) If I unhook the vacuum and set it to TDC at idle, I get about 20 max advance which is driveable. Any guesses as to what is wrong? Anyone know what the max advance should be? Thanks Steve


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