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'58 swaybar bushings

From: alumcan
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Date: October 01, 2003


Can any of you brillant Einestines tell me where I might lay my hands on a complete set of OM swaybar bushings? I 'spose '57,8 9 bushings were all the same (?) My '56,7,8 parts book only shows a OM # for the little round ones. (Those can still be gotten at any aprts store.) There is no 17 dash whatever #, or the little arrow. But the sway bar, and strut rod sway bar clamp bushings are pictured, but no #'s. I have a complete front swaybar/brackets and all, still under a '58 NYer parts car. Need the rubber bushings. Especially after I heat up the rusty nuts a little bit. "Einstine" out there suggested that I bolt a 69 up NYer/Fury/Monaco front bar assm. under the Belvy. Problem is that here, ALL of those kinds of vehicles have been demoed, or mashed when the scrap price goes up. Gotta have bushings! Well, Since there are people starving in furin countrys. Since they need food, those bushings, don't, well,,,,. Yes, they can grow food, or run down to the little store! So there. YES, I NEED, and want, bushings!


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