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Should I buy it? (55 St Regis)

From: Wes
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Date: October 02, 2003


Hey, all, just found this site. Looks like a wealth of information here, if I move forward with this y'all may be my new best friends! I came across this '55 St Regis 2D HT here locally. Same owner last 25 years, daily driver for much of that. Has been sitting last 6. Owner says fuel pump just went out (331 Hemi, of course), then he had a heart attack and never fooled with it anymore. The car is pretty solid, interior in pretty decent shape. Only real concern is some rust through around the deck lid on the driver's side. This will probably take some major surgery. I'm a decent hand with a welder and backyard bodywork, but I know sometimes you can be in for a nightmare once you start getting into this kind of rust - you never know what you find until you get in there. The rest of the rust looks pretty superficial. All glass looks perfect and the chrome I would call in excellent "weekend driver" shape - just not show quality due to some crazing. The good news? The owner is willing to trade even for a riding mower I really don't need anyhow. So what's the verdict? How much of a headache am I in for? How hard are parts to come by? Would I be an idiot for doing it or an idiot for not doing it? Thanks, Wes McMillian Springtown, TX


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