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Re: Big Block Crank Swap Question

From: alumcan
Remote Name:
Date: October 02, 2003


Kenny. mmmmmmmm good question. However, I had at one time two flywheels. One was a OM 350 GC eight holer with taped holes in the flywheel for both a 10 or 10 1/2" (?) AND the 11" clutch. Either sized clutch/P plate could be used. The other flywheel, (no idea where it came from) was idtntical to the GC flywheel, EXCEPT it was lighter, and had 6 mounting holes. But the 6 holes were aranged so it could be bolted to that 8 hole GC crank. Einstine got a bunch of big blocks laying around out there. Maybe he'd know if the Golden Lion 383 crank 8 bolt circle is arranged so a 6 hole flywheel/flex plate form a newer whaterver will still bolt up? All I have left in the B/RB motors, is two 350's (one is a 2 bbl, the GC is not at my house) and two 383's, '67 and a '69. I will go look later on today and see how many holes are in the 383s crank. Are the bearings the same size between the GL 383 and a four bbl 440. I do know that the six-pack 440s used heavier connecting rods than the regualr four bbl 440s. Were the bearings different too? I guess, Enquiring minds want to know.


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