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Attention Wes

From: Jessica Hendricks
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Date: October 02, 2003


Dont worry wes, i've heard it all. I actually pulled a 57 Desoto out from under a car in a junkyard and im currently restoring it. I know plenty more people just like me who are just as passionate about their lovely cars and the results are AMAZING! Just ask Ron Waters who truely inspired me when most people couldn't figure out WHY i would do such a thing. Im young (22), im female, im stubborn (yep, a woman for ya), and i love a challenge. Dont let anyone rustle your feathers over something you have your heart set on. Anything is possible... patience and good company are a sure fireway to make things happen! I am certainly more than happy to help you with whatever comes your way. I may not know a whole lot since i am a rookie in the forward look era, but i have a lot of heart and know what it takes to get the job done. Whatever you do, dont give up! In fact, if you want to look at pictures of my ongoing restoration (which i am documenting) as inspiration, feel free. ~Jessica Hendricks who used to live in Dallas/FtWorth


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