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Rods & Bearings no problem for this crank swap

From: Daven Anderson
Email: 1961fury<at>
Remote Name:
Date: October 02, 2003


The low blocks (3 3/8" stroke) and the raised blocks (3 3/4" stroke), those will interchange with each other pre-'62 to '62-up, low block to low block, raised block to raised block. And of course you can turn down the journals on a 3.75" RB crank and put it in a 400 LB block and have a 452" low deck stroker! The 440 6-pack rods can be used on the '59-61 3.75" RB crank, but they are heavier than standard rods and really not needed on a mild 440 anyway. Aftermarket H-beam and I-beam rods put the factory rods to shame for more strength AND less weight! I don't know what in the heck flywheel Alumcan has that has 6 bolt holes BUT fits the 8-bolt flange, but it sounds like a custom piece (unless I misunderstood that post). Since the only reason you'd be using the pre-'62 crank is to use the original pre-'62 transmission behind the engine, all of these flywheels would be eight-bolt anyway! Do keep in mind that any good billet crank builder could also make billet cranks with the eight-bolt pre-62-type flange. Thus, you COULD have a 402" poly or even a 572" wedge (using the MP 4.5" bore block and a 4.5" billet crank) with an original trans. behind it, but I think the 572" would nuke any pre-62 trans. VERY quickly! (unless you ALWAYS drove like a little old lady in a Buick) And yes the rear motor mount location on the blocks changes in '65, but many times you can move the OEM mounts backwards (as I did) to get the proper fit.


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