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From: Bill K.
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Date: October 03, 2003


Here's a solution. Keep it true to the book... in the book Christine was a FOUR DOOR SEDAN. NBC can smash up 4 or 5 or even 10 of those and no one will miss them too much.. use some rusty northern parts cars and bondo them up to look pretty, have one car for interior shots and the rest can be gutted. Odds are they would HAVE to do some of the scenes with 3D models to keep it true to the book; one scene where she kills the guy who owned the garage - in the novel smashes into his living room, loses hood in the process.. then King describes as a new hood stitches itself up from thin air when the car repairs itself this time. Me, I'd love to have a 4dr that drove, but I understand not many do. I know where there is a real '57/8 Fury with the gold side trim that is so rotted and rough it's not funny... looks like it rotted out then was moved and now is mangled all the way around. Bill K.


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