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Converting from Generator to Alternator is EASY!!!

From: tim
Remote Name:
Date: October 03, 2003


Dario! I got rid of the generator as soon as I bought the car. I'm not putting the car in in shows so who cars. I modified the original generator mounting bracket and used the existing top adjusting arm and used the original belt. a 65 amp Bosch unit from a ford. I can give you the numbers if you wish. Had to run an extra wire to the alternator and got rid of the existing voltage regulator. ( already have one in the ALternator ) I can email photos and better instructions if you wish. If you can weld or know somebody and can and dont mind playing with wiring a bit it really is a piece of cake. Battery charge is great and no dimm lights at idle. I got the alternator from a wrecking yard. This conversion has cost me next to nix! Hope I can help tim


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