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Re: Service Manuals

From: Dave L.
Email: davel at
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Date: October 03, 2003


I finally scored a decent price on a manual myself, recently, to replace the overpriced photocopy reprint I bought last year. While nothing beats a real hard-copy paper version, I feel compelled to mention that especially if you can't find a particular manual, the CD-ROM manuals from Mopar Manuals ( are superb. Unlike most website leads I have posted, I have actually bought stuff from these guys, and when I got tired of overpriced ratty parts manuals, I got one on CR-ROM from them and it is great. The scans are of great quality and when sheets are printed-out, they are superb. It's a little cumbersome to navigate through because you're not just flipping pages, and you need a half-way decent computer, but I'm really happy with the parts CD and assume the service manuals are of the same quality. Yeah, they are pricey, but at least someone's making them, and providing an honest, quality product and service.


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