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Re: Alumcan' s flywheel holes (NOT in my head,,,,)

From: alumcan
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Date: October 03, 2003


BOTH the OM GC flywheel AND this 'other' 6 holer flywheel bolted up completely! That's how I discovered that I had these two differnt flywheels. The GC had been totaly re-built and I was assemblying/taping off, the bell/block to paint everything that GM Redwood/whatever color. I noticed that there were two bolts left over. So I took the (6 hole) flywheel off, searched the garage and 'found' the OM Fwheel. I had re-faced the wrong one. (Untill then I did not know about the hole differnce between the B cranks.) The OM flywheel had stress/heat (?) cracks. Where this lighter 6 hole wheel came from,(?) As I have metioned back there several years ago in the forums, after the first movie, '58 Plymouth stuff new/used/junk/otherwise, was litterly falling into my lap! Seems like every weekend I was finding 'this' new, or 'that' in mint condition. I'll say now as I said then. The interest in the Christine movie was NOT as near popular then, as it is now. Plus, I wish I still had all the '58 parts now, that I had 11+ years ago. I'd be rich!


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