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MY New '55 St Regis!!

From: Wes...AKA The Lawnmower Man
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Date: October 03, 2003


Well, the deal is done on the '55 St Regis. Trade complete. I just won't be able to bring it home until Monday (and, yes, it's killing me!). I'm still amazed looking at it. Sure it's gonna take a little work, the worst of it being the rust-through around one side of the trunk lid. But overall, she's solid. Solid body, perfect glass, excellent chrome. Only piece of chrome missing on the entire car is the St Regis emblem on the passenger side. Even the white headliner is near perfect. Very tight and will probably be good as new with minimal cleanup. It must have been replaced at some point. It's been put up with a sunvisor in the windshield all these years and the dash pad even appears to be in excellent shape. She's blue and white right now, with the blue on the hood and top, white on bottom. The driver's fender is boogered a little, but no other dents, period. I took some pictures of her today, if y'all have a good suggestion of where to post them I'll try to get 'em up. Oh, and that 331 Hemi...there's gotta be nothing cooler than an early Hemi... Wes


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