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Re: MY New '55 St Regis!! MURRY ?

From: alumcan
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Date: October 04, 2003


I wanna know something there Mower Man. Just what in the hell do you do with a lawn mower down there in Texas!? Mow dust? Me and a buddy went down through there over into Arizona looking for that rust free metal we kept hearing so much about, in '86. The only grass we saw, was what they had there around Billy-Bobs! Waht kind of mower was that you traded, a 12 horse Murry? Naw, you guys down there in Texas do everything big don't you? It probably was a 22 horse Chrafstman, right? We spent three hours trying to find a certain road that was listed on the road map, that went straight due West from Dallas-Ft Worth, over to Carlsbad NM. The people that knew about that road, but didn't know how to get to it, said that road is primitive! We finally found someone that was able to give us directions, even 'they' said that road wasn't fit to drive on, and we shoud either go over to Carlsbad by El Paso or up to someplace else. BOTH were WAY out of out way. We finally got on this so called primitive road that wasn't fit to drive on. Straght as an arrow, two lane, perfectly flat, just as wide as one side of our I-79! I'd like to have gotten those pepole up here and showed them what our GOOD two lane roads are like! a third narrower, some dont even have a center line! Crooked as a dogs hind leg! 8 degree hills! With loaded tri-axles/tractor-trailers passing each other and YOU doing 70 80 mph. Then I'd show you some our good dirt roads! For one of our primitive roads,,,,,that is two tire tracks up through the woods someplace! GOOD DEAL! Now trade a rake and a shovel for a good seto of wide whites and yer in business!!!! Whoo-Haw!


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