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anyone done poly headers

From: narleycharley
Remote Name:
Date: October 06, 2003


Has anyone got headers on their poly.I picked up a set of dyi flanges.I was thinking about grafting a set of mainstream shortie headers onto these flanges.They came with 2" nipples,I used to watch a lot of McGyver and sort of remember an episode on that(ha).Any input would be great.P.S.Anyone down south that has heard of Cruzin Style mag. my 1959 Belvedere done up like Richard Petty's#43.It's pretty cool,don't have a website,so this is the only way I can share this with you.I have a blast with it.Ain't been butchered at all.And best of all it's been signed by the man himself.See ya'll later. Charlie


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