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That's why it was a custom!

From: Kelly-nobody-listens-58-dodge
Email: 325
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Date: October 06, 2003


I am going to go on a rant here, if nobody listens, fine. THIS IS AMERICA! We can do what we damn well please. I know that purists will be offended with that statement, but if you think about it, isn't diversity what makes us unique? I mean that statement can apply to cars as well. I get so tired of seeing rows and rows of red and white Furys that haunt every mopar show I go to. I know that my Dodge isn't stock-not as wild or distasteful as that purple new yorker fastback people were screaming about a few months back that was on ebay-or as stock as jimbob, who has a 58 dodge on the same cardomain site as mine (it is red and white and BEAUTIFUL!!)but I mean come on guys! There are plenty of stock desotos around so when someone wants to extend his or her ego mechanically, why not? It could be worse. That thing could have BB chevy power (but on that note how cool would a lambo V12 be in that thing!They were owned by chysler at one time) Kelly


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