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Re: Customized 56 desoto.What was he thinking.

From: narleycharley
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Date: October 06, 2003


I love it.It,s bringing the old and the new together.Look how many different styles the old 20's and 30's cars had.And I bet they too made people frown too,with the changes they made.My car was a canidate for a donor or even scrap.But it ran and it stopped so I did some major rust repair,got the lites working alot of filler and some Petty blue and a bunch of racing stickers and a big #43 and I have one of the most coolest cars in town,because I wanted to be different.Heck Richard Petty thought so cause he autographed it.I'm not knocking anyone's taste in the way they want to build their car,but where is the indvidualality(?)when everone with a 58 Fury wants to have a Christine clone.Modern convenence's are nice and make's the old cruiser more fun to drive,including customizing.Didn't mean to piss anyone off.Getting it of my chest just keeps the ulcers away. C YA Charlie


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