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55 St Regis comes home...but a new problem...

From: Wes
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Date: October 06, 2003


Yep, got her here in one piece. You should've seen the look on the guy's face I had pick it up! He started calling everybody up right there and telling them "It's a 55 Chrysler! This thing's as big as a truck!" Turns out his buddy lives about three driveways down and had tried to buy it a couple of years ago, but the owner wouldn't sell. Made him sick to hear I got it for a lawnmower. Got lots of stares coming through town, that was cool. But now a new problem has come up. Suddenly my wife is telling EVERYBODY about it, saying things like "It's sooooooo purty!". Even worse, now I catch her suddenly referring to it as "our new car". Uh, oh, I may have created a monster here.....Wes


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