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Re: Ebay matrix

From: Mike B
Remote Name:
Date: October 07, 2003


Chuck, I queried Dave about this a couple or three weeks ago and he sent me an alternate url to try. This was like on a Friday or something, and I didn't try it at my office machine again until the following Monday (had no trouble on my home machine) where it was suddenly functioning again on the standard access url, however there is now a new window that shows on my task bar everytime I go into the FL site, called quickserv or something, that did not used to be there. I don't know if Dave did some sort of linking to my IP addresses or what, but the Ebay matrix is active, for me, again. Before, the matrix was there, but all of the little active buttons were missing. Dave also said that some networks may actually be blocking ebay and could cause the problem, but my network is my own at work and I certainly did nothing to suddenly create the situation, however as I told Dave, I had done a recent Microsoft update and I suppose something could have happened there. My machine at home is an XP machine, and at work it's a 98 second edition machine, so some differences in OS there. Emaol Dave and let him know because it is a revenue stream for him and if it's not working properly, he's losing money. And if Dave loses money, we are in danger of losing the site. Mike


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